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I made this game in my last year of high school on my first time using game maker. It's pretty buggy, rough and not much to look at, but I think it has some cool ideas!

Pac 'n Tackle is a pacman-ish game with 2 player co-op (Player 1 is ^,v,>, < & M, while Player 2 is W,A,S,D & R.) with alternative powerups. Different coloured dots do different things. Some allow you to break through cracked walls, some let you teleport and some let you eat ghosts. Green ghosts generally take this power from you so avoid them when you have them (but are otherwise harmless). Also look out for ghost 'generators' that cause more ghosts to spawn. To enter a level move into one of the yellow blocks in the main hub. To complete a level you've just got to touch a black and white tile!

FINALLY, if the dots are arranged in such a way that looks like they're spelling something, read them.

Oh also turn off sound because it just blasts Anamanaguchi at full volume on loop. o_o

Otherwise, thanks for playing and have fun!


Pac 'n Tackle.exe 12 MB

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